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Construction waste is not just a matter of environmental pollution and land occupation. With the social development, the construction waste has been the universal event that endangers people's lives. The report that the construction waste affects people's lives and daily traffic has been show in the public's vision nowadays. Therefore, how to dispose the construction waste has been the topic that we must attach importance to.
construction waste disposal production line
Relying in the construction waste disposal production line, the ZENITH Machinery has developed the construction waste processing and regeneration process that means to crush the construction waste and then generate environmentally friendly building materials. Therefore, what is the construction waste disposal equipment? Let's make a brief introduction.
From a macro perspective, construction waste disposal equipment consists of mobile crushing equipment and fixed crushing equipment. As the ideal construction waste disposal equipment, the mobile crushing station has features of flexibility, convenience and large disposal capacity. Now I introduce a new construction waste disposal line to you. What is the main equipment?
The impact crusher is the suitable construction waste crusher. The impact crusher has it unique strengths such as the optimized crushing chamber, high capacity, bigger feed opening design, reliable overload and tramp iron protection device.
Besides, it is indispensable to configurate the vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and belt conveyor to achieve the perfect crushing effect.




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