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Though mining resource is rich, there are low per capita resources, uneven distribution, and supply and demand imbalance. Especially, in recent years, the serious mining resource crisis has covered a shadow on the development of industry’s future by wasting and extensive mining. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly that is a suicide development for developing with the cost of sacrifice the environment, overdraft resources, because mining resources are not inexhaustible. We had to accept and sigh for the situation hard to restored, when the resource depleted. Recently, new policies are continuing published and revised by National Development and Reform Commission, Land Resources Department and Environmental Protection Department. Meanwhile, illegal mining and a number of mining industries was cracked down on, hence the industry cannot caprice any more. A series of action was a signal and we all believed that the chaos of mining industry should be remedied, so industry exclaimed “This time they will play hardball”. Few construction waste crusher is not care about environment in the exploitation and fail to fulfill the mine ecological environment management obligations for a long time which lead to the damage of environment in mine and surroundings. Furthermore, few mining industry with the serious pollution also has a bad social influence. Some local people and government are scared when talking about mining, because there are kinds of illegal action, including a mass of unlicensed, cross - border and indiscriminate exploration. Traditional and construction waste crusher can not suit for the modernized mining demand. Experience tells us to build a green and intelligent and sustainable development becoming a new trend in mining development in the future, can not take the way “treatment after pollution”. An unavoidable topic of transformation in mining enterprises is to achieve cost reduction and safety and environmental protection and increase scientific and technological innovation, facing with the continually downturn of mining market, serious situation on mining environment protection, transformation of mining form, and the difficulties of mining equipment’s upgrading. It should be made a clear, refined mining standard and illegal red line and carry out green mine demonstration base by government for the green mine to cover the full preparation. In addition, mining treatment, ecological restoration as the later work has been steadily implement to treatment abandoned mine after resource output. As early as 2012, ZENITH conforms to the trend to fill the blank of environment to put forward the project “mining environment protection, green home” and has researched with persistence. ZENITH heavy industry takes “green mining construction” as there duty, and increase investigation in green mining construction to provide constant technical equipment support for domestic and international output. ZENITH swears to take a long way to build green mining with enthusiasm until in the end, even if it has to face to difficulties. Mining’s change is an urgent need. There are precedents in green mining construction, only guiding with the environment protection and driving by scientific and technological innovation to form a positive interaction and optimize the mining processing chain, a reasonable layout, innovation system, models. ZENITH has responsibility to help build the green and environment mining.




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