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   Cone Crusher Is the Best Equipment of Processing the Silica [21/12/16 07:19AM]   
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The application of silica in some fields such as metallurgy, building construction, solar power industry and semiconductor industry is wider. The storage volume of silica on the earth is just less than oxygen, so there will be the silica existing in all kinds of rocks, and certainly it is occupying one important position in them. Silica is also being called high purity quartz, and the main content is silica while its main application of it is producing the sand, glass, metallurgy, semiconductor and single crystal silicon. Silica must be experiencing the crushing and purity process No matter which one it will be applied in the daily life. Silica stones much be crushed from big stones to smaller stones, and cone crusher often can be used in this process. The hardness of silica is very high while the mosh hardness level of quartz is seven, so crushing this kinds of materials should choose one better equipment because it is one challenge for the chosen equipment and certainly the wear-grinding of those wearing parts is very bigger, too. There was one customers of ours in the past, who initially chose the impact crusher of the other manufacturer to crush the silica, and the result was that they had to replace one impacting plate every five days, sea salt washing plant and the replacement period would cost one or two days, so of course the crushers could not guarantee the production time while lowering the working efficiency and enlarging the production cost at the same time. One of our sales man used to investigate the local market one time, and he offered the reasonable advice for this customers after seeing the terrible situation where he was at that minute, even though he hesitated to make a decision at the beginning, he lastly accepted our advice of choosing the cone crusher to process the silica, and some situations happened before would not be existing any more after replacing the equipment. There are some kinds of cone crushers while the technology also is being changed all the time, and the case mentioned above on has been passed so many years, and the equipment that we recommended to the customers was the spiral cone crusher. SBM mining machinery owns the multiple types cone crushers now with different sizes and specification, white mercury mining process which owning the various advantages such as higher crushing efficiency, lower production cost and the convenient operation.




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